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I wake up in the morning with a dream in my eyes. 

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Acteon after seeing something he wasn't suppose to see.

My life is a intense process, a stream of potentials unfolding in barely directable fields of enveloped forces. I have spent my life transversing these streams in an attempt to break though the circuitry of the mundane and develop creative platforms from which to launch campaigns of delight and liberation; for myself, my family and friends, my community, my world, my cosmos.  Here  are a few ways I express this dream. 
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Dreamscaping: New and Creative Ways to Work with your Dreams.
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One of the more fun parts of Networking is the chance to see what others  are doing and have them see what you are doing. But even more than *seeing* is being. It is not just an information exchange but a living interconnection and chance to see one's place as a microcosm in the macrocosm.
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The brief story of my relationship with dreams goes something like this: I used to work in adolescent care facilities & institutions with kids that were abandoned, neglected and abused by - well, just about everyone. At that time I was interested in how fantasy and creativity (and lack of it) played a role in development but didn't know much about dreams.  

I began studying with Jungian analysts in San Francisco in the early 1980's and found that dreams provided not only a wonderful arena for exploring fantasy and creativity but also provided a soulful feedback system and continual inner dialogue. After a few years I began studying with other people who worked with dreams in many other ways and shifted my focus away from pure Jungian dreamwork. I realized when my wife was in graduate school that her peers who 
planned to be therapists had little idea what to do with dreams and were getting no education in this area. These were really my own first students. Now, in the last few years, I've come into contact with the dream community at large and the vast network of dream concerned individuals around the world.  

Our dreamsharing groups on and off the net span the globe. (that is, the dream grassroots movement) Lately I've become more interested in CMC, Computer mediated communications and the spread of dream research and dreamsharing on Internet through the online dream sharing ezine Electric Dreams and the establishment of the DreamGate Project. In 1996 I was part of the Association for the Study of Dreams (ASD) Conference Committee and developed the Computer and Internet Resource and Exhibition Center for the Berkeley Conference, as well as contributing to the development of the ASD presence online and web site, which I now manage for ASD.  

I'm especially interested in the egalitarian space of the Internet and and using DreamGate as a platform to connect dream concerned individuals in new and exciting ways yet unimagined.  

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I was born in Marblehead, MA during the threat of a hurricane, but grew up in the Mid-West and Colorado. My family has been moving west for a long time. We came to America in from a town near Stonehenge in  1650 and settled as Virginian farmers along the Rappahanock River. This move west finally landed me in San Francisco, where I have been living since 1979 with my wife, Patricia.  



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