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I wake up in the morning 

with a dream in my eyes. 

allen ginsberg 

  Virtual Community Overview

DreamGate began as a networking project for regional and global sleep and dream research, education and information. Over the years, a global virtual community developed. 
The leader in computer mediated dream sharing, the Electric Dreams Community encompasses and serves many other communities online. DreamGate provides resources and support for many of the Communities activities, with bestserv mail lists, E-zine publications, Global News publications and Web sites.  
The Association for the Study of Dreams has been serving the global community since the 1980's and DreamGate has brought Web Management and Development to this organization as well as providing education, and communication networking through both online and offline support.  
 DreamGate is also a pioneer in online education and offers monthly courses on dreams, dream sharing, dream work and the history of dreaming. 
History of DreamGate

The History of DreamGate  Would you like to learn more about the history of DreamGate?




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