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DreamGate Historical Overview
IGC and APC Networks
DreamGate began as as the IIDCC communications project in 1994 to help professionals interested in the psychology, science and cultural aspect of dreams and dreaming.  IIDCC, the International Internet Dream Community Center,  was a gopher site housed at IGC,  the Institute for Global Communications. IGC had become well know due to their affiliation with APC, the Association for Progressive Communications. It was an APC network that  helped the Russian society move towards democracy.
The Electric Dreams Community
 Many projects began to develop. Experimental dream sharing groups, dream news exchanges, electronic exchange of articles and essays and a new phenomenon, the World Wide Web. DreamGate began publishing an e-zine, Electric Dreams, to organize and coordinate activities as well as provide an online  voice for dream concerned netizens.
Novato Library and Archive
  Many of the BADG ( Bay Area Dreamworkers Group) had established extensive off-line resources and DreamGate began to find ways to connect these resources to the Net. Projects included Jill Gregory's Novato Center for Dreams, Linda Magallon's FBNC Dream Exploration Club and Fred Olsen's Dream Reentry Project.  
 Berkeley Conference 1996
 In 1996 the Association for the Study of Dreams had their international conference in Berkeley, California.  DreamGate provided and full week program of Internet training and exhibitions, panel discussions and online demonstrations. 
The Association for the Study of Dreams
DreamGate now provides ASD with Web Site Management, Internet consultation, mail list discussion forums and many other services. 
In 1998 DreamGate implemented a variety of new interactive levels including an online shopping mall, message board system and conference mail lists.
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  DreamGate continues to serve as an Internet communications provider and consultant for clients and organizations needing : 
  • Web Design and Implementation
  • Internet Training and Education
  • Global Communication Mail Lists
  • Online Publication
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